Bird Takes On An Airplane And Gets Tossed Sky High To It's Death




Know your limits.  It’s as simple as that.  Cars?  Birds can handle cars.  Can you think of one instance where you hit a bird with your car?  I can’t.  It never happens.  Which is incredible since I feel like I come this close to hitting a bird 4,000 times every time I get in my car and drive two blocks.  They’re swooping around all over the place. Flying into traffic, dive bombing mini vans but they somehow always escape.  It looks like they’re gonna get smashed by your bumper then miraculously emerge on the other side unharmed.   That’s apparently not the case with airplanes.  Bird got tossed a million miles into the air then went SPLAT.  Dead.  We humans are so dominant that I guarantee the pilot nor any of the passengers on the plane even realized what happened.  Ended a living thing’s life for eternity?  Whatever. Just let me get my luggage and a Cinnabon already.  I kinda feel bad for the little bird but that was fucking awesome.