The Brand New "Creed" Trailer Should Put The Asses In The Seats

Paulie’s dead? Rocky’s dying? The original movie came out 40, yes FORTY, years ago? Christ. Pres was the only one of us alive to see it in the theaters and and now it’s all coming to an end. Father time can take one directly to the dick.

I’m not going to hold a grudge against this movie because I was literally the ONLY ONE who didn’t get a callback to be an extra while they filmed in Philly. Both my roommates, multiple friends, even my buddy’s dead grandmother made the cut – seriously. However, I was going to hold a grudge because there’s no way this film should A) Have been greenlit in the first place or 2) Be anywhere close to watchable. Well, looks like you can chalk this up with other things Smitty has gotten wrong in life (Spoiler alert: Everything). This shit has some serious potential. Wallace/Vince Howard is STACKED and is a pretty damn good actor to boot. Even the director has chops in him as Fruitvale Station was an above average flick. The 6th Rocky surprised most people, including myself, for being half decent. Me thinks we might have a legit winner in Creed.

Apollo died in 1984 and his son is not a day older than 25 in Creed. Nice to see the Rocky franchise keeping up with continuity after Balboa’s son aged a good 10 years while Rock was flying home from Russia.