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Contract Negotiations Between Brock Nelson And The Isles Seem To Be Going Not Smooth

Brock Troll

Newsday The clock is ticking for the Islanders and restricted free agent Brock Nelson, who is still without a contract as Thursday’s start to training camp looms.

We haven’t heard from them in six weeks,” Salcer told Newsday on Monday. “Garth [Snow, the Islanders’ general manager] and I talked six weeks ago after they made an offer, which was nowhere near commensurate with what players like Brock are making. Garth said he’d get back to me and that was it. No negotiations whatsoever.” 

Sooooo uhhhhhh, is Brock going to be playing hockey this year?

I understand the situation completely, Garth is dead-set on the two year offer that’s been collecting dust on the table for a month and a half now, while Nelson’s agent [who surprisingly isn’t Scott Boras] feels his client deserves more than what has been offered. Both are playing chicken waiting for the other to call. Garth is waiting for the kid and his hotshot agent to know their role and not bite the hand that feeds, while on the other hand Brock and his peepz are waiting for that call at 11:59pm with a stronger offer.

This isn’t new in hockey, or sports in general, but the fact that Charles Wang has implemented, and stands by, his rule of “sign or sit” means that if someone doesn’t make a call, and make it soon, we may not be seeing #29 for while.

Nelson’s 20 goals/42 points is good enough for a raise in my book, despite the drop off in production during the second half of the year, in which everyone on #IslesTwitter loves to use as jet fuel to melt the steal beams that is praise for the 23 year old Nelson, but knowing that Garth Snow is low key one of the leagues biggest hardballers, it’s tough to imagine he gives in and makes that call prior to Thursday’s deadline.

So for the record, tomorrow we have what might be the biggest fart noise of a jersey unveiling, just to be followed up by Brock holding out the following day. Islanders hockey is back baby!!1!!


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