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The Scott Van Pelt Tim Kurkjian Accent Bit Lives On In The New Sportscenter, Will Never Stop Making Me Laugh




Even though this bit has gone on so long that Tim Kurkjian laughs before Scott Van Pelt utters a single word I absolutely love it. Whatever it is SVP has the magic recipe. It’s like playing with a young child and doing peekaboo, it takes nothing to make them laugh so you keep doing it forever. That’s SVP and Tim Kurkjian here. Just the thought of Scott doing his exaggerated Baltimore accent makes Tim piss his pants in laughter and in turn I laugh my ass off even though I’m thousands of miles away. There are very few things that are more pure, stupid fun than this bit. I hope it lives on forever and ever.





This is the original time SVP brought up Boseko Lokombo from the Congo.





And my personal favorite. All time umpires, Ed Rapuano and Tony Randazzo.