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Can The Knicks Save Money By Signing This Melo Impersonator To Replace Melo?

JAB STEP! JAB STEP! JAB STEP!  The goddamn three to the dome.  And a quarter million head fakes before that hybrid layup-dunk combination that Me7o loves doing so much, as he continues to be the only star over 6 feet that doesn’t throw down this side of Dirk Nowitzki.

And the utter lack of defense was spot on.  Melo probably asks where the help defense was in a game of 1-on-1.  In fact, the only thing missing from this video is the scowl when either Melo doesn’t get his way or someone shoots him a LaLa Honey Nut Cheerios line.

And yes, Dead Melo is Peak Melo.



But for my money, this guy’s best video is still the Manu Ginobili impersonation.  So goddamn awkward and weird.  A spot on impression of one of the Top 50 Argentinian NBA players ever.




Okay, okay, one more.  James Harden’s crazy step-back shot

Having a Batting Stance Guy for NBA players is fantastic.  I need one with Patrick Ewing’s corner shot, delayed kinda one-handed free throw, and the “hop, skip and a jump” 3-step-travel-but-not-a-travel-because-Ewing’s-move-was-somehow-godfathered-into-the-rulebook ASAP.

h/t @JonFrat