Just A Knee Sprain For Cromartie, No ACL. Cro's Super Sperm Does It Again!

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Well just about the only negative from yesterday turns out to be not nearly as bad as we all expected. I thought for sure that was an ACL. Pretty sure we all did. Even from the 300 level you could tell the way he went down with no contact and the way the doctors swarmed, things were bad. I’m pretty shocked that its just a sprain to be honest.

I feel like it has to be Cro’s cum, right? Like I’m not a doctor and I dont know exactly how these injuries work. But my understanding has always been that when you’re injured your blood flows to that spot and your white blood cells fix the injury. Well I think Cro’s Super Sperm does that. I think he basically comes in his veins. That shit went right to his knee and rebuilt his ACL tear before they could even get him to the MRI. Its almost like Wolverine and his adamantium skeleton. Wolverine had those claws, Antonio Cromartie has his mutant sperm. Breeding a small nation of children and healing football injuries, thats just what Cro’s cum does.