Dude Gets Pissed About His Mercedes Breaking Down So Naturally He Beats The Shit Out Of It With A Golf Club



You know you have rage issues when the TV cameras show up and it doesn’t deter your behavior whatsoever. We apparently missed the first round of swings because that car was already fucked up by the time the video started.  Think about that.  His car breaks down, he freaks out and beats the shit out of it with a 9 iron.  Hey, I get it. We all get mad.  Gotta open the valve from time to time.  But then time passes, people call the news, they show up and he goes at it for ANOTHER round.  There’s rage issues then there’s whatever the fuck is going on in that dude’s head. And to a Mercedes no less.  If I took my golf clubs out to my 2009 Chevy Cobalt right now and started bashing in the windows people would for sure be like, “What is that guy’s deal?” but at the end of the day it’s a Chevy Cobalt.  Don’t get me wrong, my Cobalt is basically a Bentley, but a dude smashing up a Mercedes is gonna get eyeballs.  It kinda feels like we’re missing something.  Like the real story. Like his girlfriend tried anal for the first time in the back seat of that car with her spin class instructor. Then teeing off on a Benz would make some sense.