Jon Gruden Looks Like He Wants To Beat The Royal Piss Out Of Frank Caliendo During This MNF Promo

Or maybe that’s just how Gruden always looks. Regardless, you gotta give credit where credit is due, Frank Caliendo kills his Jon Gruden. Spot on, man. But even then I’m not sure the screen time and money is worth Chucky studying the weaknesses in your soul like its a 3-4 Defense. That death stare is palapble. If there were no cameras around I bet Gruden would stuff that chub into the nearest locker and call it a day.

Even so, when you’re not making fun of the man, Jon Gruden seems like a pretty chill dude. Absolutely loved it when he pulled the cockiest strut and fist bump ever to a bunch of black folk when he was recognized in the middle of the night at a gas station.

I have no idea why but I still can’t get enough of this smug strut.  Just the look of pure “Yeah, that’s right, I’m Jon Gruden” on Chucky’s face is priceless.  Being recgonized by common folk gets him more hard than the prettiest Spider II Y Banana.  Bold move waltzing up like the cock of the walk to a bunch of random black guys at a gas station. BOLDEST move to go in for the unprovoked fist bump.  The awkward Dad wear takes away more fucks from men than it should.

Oh, and his act does wear thin sometimes, but Frank Caliendo doing John Madden is possibly the greatest impression of ANYBODY in history.