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Akeem Ayers Roasted Russell Wilson On Twitter Then Roasted The Trolls

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I love Ayers and love this move, but can we talk about the fact that Ayers has a professionally shot photo of him with the Super Bowl ring on his middle finger, telling the world to fuck off? Wild move. Everyone else gets their ring and pops it in a glass case on the mantle, or puts it in a safe, and only takes it out for special occasions. Not Akeem, dude got that thing then went right over to JC Penny to get some “Fuck you” portraits taken. He pushed moms and dads taking baby pics out of the way so he could have the perfect response to any trolls that came his way. Savage move that makes me like him even more. It’s kind of Belichikian, if we’re being honest. Be prepared for anything and use every weapon you have in your arsenal. Kinda silly to have a Super Bowl ring without a Fuck You pic, right? Never know you might need it.