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Does This Look Like the Face Of A Man Who Pissed All Over People On A Jetblue Flight?



FoxAn intoxicated Oregon man had to be escorted off a plane after he allegedly relieved himself on fellow passengers, authorities said. A smiling Jeff Rubin, 27, was seen being booked into a Portland jail Friday after accused of urinating on people, seats and luggage 30 minutes before landing in Stumptown,KOIN-TV reported. Passengers said he slept through most of the JetBlue flight from Anchorage before standing up and peeing in the crack between the seats in front of him. When he lost his balance, falling backwards, he allegedly continued to pee upwards in the air, consequently spraying other people around him. He then passed out in his seat where responding officers found him upon landing.

Getting pee’d on is the worst. No other way to put it. Doesn’t matter if it’s your drunk friend or some stranger on airplane. Nobody wants to get pissed on. It must have been the worst feeling for the people in the seats in front of him. Just squirm city. Kinda like when an insect lands on you. Just squirm like your life depended on it. And then when you think it can’t get worse the guy falls backword with his dick flopping in the wind and piss flying everywhere. I’d rather deal with a terrorist with a box cutter than a drunk open fire pissing on people like this. I don’t even know what you do there? Just out the plane window and take your chances? Can’t just have a guy waterfall pissing all over the place. That’s how people die.