Ravens Lose An Eye Sore Of A Football Game


How ugly was that game? We waited all spring and summer for that? I’m usually a guy that can appreciate two good defenses duking it out, but the ineptitude from both offenses was just disgusting out there. I knew the Ravens would come out stuffing the run, but I never thought Peyton would look THAT awful out there. And the thing that sucks is that I thought there’d be 0% percent chance the Ravens lose if Peyton has anywhere near that kind of game. Somehow the Ravens were able to be even more incompetent. The Ravens OL was absolute garbage out there today. Flacco got to step into a throw maybe 3 or 4 times out there today. On top of that, the WR’s got zero separation all damn day. Credit to those good corners on the other side of the ball, but holy moly were our receivers trash. And obviously Flacco has to shoulder a ton of the blame here, the pick 6 was undoubtedly the turning point of the football game and completely shifted the mo. With the way the D was playing, no reason to try to force that throw. Just awful. It was encouraging to see them move the ball at the end of the game, but too little too late. A loss is a loss. Gonna go wash my eyeballs out now.