Demi Lovato Gives The Worst/Best Interview Answer Of All Time... ALL. TIME.






“Hey Demi, what’s your ideal date?”


“I’d have to say probably July 18th, because it’s hot and you don’t have school and you can go to the beach with your friends. Yeah, July 18th.”



What an answer. What an absolutely legendary answer. I’ve watched maybe 15 times now and I laugh louder every time. She’s so confident like “Oh yeah I just blew people’s fucking minds, no one’s ever thought of the mug as the best dish. Now, how could they possibly disagree? I gave them a million reasons. I just changed the whole fucking world.” It’s like a scene from Miss Congeniality only one they decided to scrap because it was too ridiculous and no one would believe someone gave such an answer. Bravo. Bra-vo.