Kyle Schwarber Is An Animal



Couple YABOS, a little blooper running and a play in left even though he’s still learning the position. This fucking guy, man. I know these posts are getting somewhat redundant but it’s just unbelievable. Schwarber hit 2 homers (he now has 15 in just 51 games), Kris Bryant hit his 24th of the year, and Rizzo is a bonafide MVP candidate. Oh and on top of all that the Cubs are now just 6 games out of first and 2 games out a home Wild Card game, which may seem like a lot but after this weekend they have 7 games against both teams and the Cubs are 35-18 since the All Star break. This isn’t an anomaly or a fluke, this team is legit as they come and I’m telling you right now, they aren’t scared, they think they can win it all. Beat the Phillies today and tomorrow and buckle up for a week long ride against the NL Central. #WeAreGood




Also, shirts are back on sale for rest of the season, let’s go!







Same as it ever was. Scared much? Cheaters.


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