Cure That Hangover With DraftKings 100k NFL Week 1 Free Roll - $0 To Enter, 10k For First


Always wanted to play daily fantasy sports but weren’t sure how to get started? Me too. Pulling the trigger on that first deposit can be tricky. Thankfully you don’t have to because DraftKings is giving away $100,000 cash money in their week 1 NFL free roll. $0 to play, 10k for first. Start your bankroll in a free roll and never even make a deposit. Simple as cake, easy as pie.


This is just a no-brainer, it’s free money. DraftKings is celebrating week 1 by literally giving away $100,000. The contest is completely free to enter, and it will pay out $100K in prizes no matter what. Even if you’re not a football fan, take 2 minutes and pick a team and you have a chance to win $10,000.

PS: Alfred Morris for only $5,500 is a steal.