Chris Davis Is THIS Close To Murdering Someone On Kansas City Tonight, And The O's Hit Two Grand Slams In One Inning

That may have been the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on a baseball field. I thought I was going to see Chris Davis murder Franklin Morales tonight. Seriously, I’d rather try and pry a grizzly bear cub from its momma than get on Crush’s bad side. O’s go back-to-back with a grand slam and a Manny Machado solo shot, and Morales decided to nail Davis, not smart. Hey Morales, if you want to arrive back in Kansas City in one piece, I suggest taking the rest of the series off.

It’s also bullshit that Buck was tossed, he was standing up for his guy, and was just trying to keep the murder rate down in Baltimore. O’s didn’t do anything wrong, should at least get to earhole someone on KC.


PS. O’s just hit their second grand slam in the inning, I hate to say it, BUT THEY’RE BACK BABY.