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Locker Room Footage After Pats Wins Never Gets Old

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What I wouldn’t do to walk into that locker room and have Mr. Kraft give me a little peck on the cheek and be like “great blogging today kid…way to defend the wall.”  Also name another team on the planet who doesn’t give the game ball to Tom Brady.  Guy just went to hell and back and had a great game.  Nope Gronk was the clear choice.  We play no favorites here.  You get what you deserve.  Always. Do Your Job



PS – If I were Tom Brady I’d have this picture burned.  I mean a picture like that would rattle me for 3 weeks minimum.  But alpha mega males like Tom don’t get shook by shit like this.  That’s the quiet confidence that comes with being a 4 time Superbowl champ, having kids with huge dicks and knowing he can point and impregnate any chick he wants in the Western Hemisphere.