All Politics Aside, Stephen Colbert's Heart-Wrenching Interview With Joe Biden Was One Of The Best Television Interviews I've Ever Seen

Let’s get this out of the way first- I don’t give a fuck about your politics, and you don’t give a fuck about mine (I don’t really have any anway. I use my brain when making decisions, not party lines). That being said, I am taken aback by that interview Colbert did with Biden. I did not realize how much Biden has been through. He was so real, so emotional. To the point where I can’t even begin to put myself in his shoes because I’m just a stupid blogger. Colbert has been on the air on his new show for a week and is already doing interviews like that. I’m not sure how anyone who watches late night television is going to watch Fallon ever again. Yea I’ll see his viral clips of him playing beer pong or lip-synching Call Me Maybe on YouTube, but Colbert just put him on notice, hard.

PS: I just want to adopt Joe Biden as my grandfather. I’m all out of grandfathers. He’d be perfect.