Probably Not The Smartest Play To Throw Your Pug's Shit Directly Into The Cop's Face

The ol’ bare handed turd toss directly into the face of authority. Yeah…probably should have thought that one through, lady. Or just thought in general. Throwing live rounds of feces into a cop’s face while an arms length away isn’t going to get you far in life. I mean, I’m not surprised she did this. Pug owners always a little bit of crazy in them because of how obsessive they are with their dogs. Like, a over the top nuts. I know families who love their little toy with a heartbeat more than they like their own children. The best/worst part is she seemed surprised by the cop’s instant response of choke slamming her to hell. Some women don’t believe in the simple law of physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…and I’m not gonna lie she got off lucky with the body drop. Pug shit to the face deserves at least a direct pop to the kisser.