Introducing "Guys Talking Bears" A New Bears Podcast With Ed And Big Cat

Note: This is not a podcast. This is going to be about a 20 minute segment every week highlighting whatever is going on in Bearsland. I’m aware that they may need a little bit of work. I’m a little rusty and Big Cat has been rolling on the mic doing big appearances on ESPN and shit. They will get better every week though, I promise. Enjoy us basking in our misery for the next 17 weeks. 

Some topics:

-Do we ever remember being less excited for the start of a Bears season

-Who should start at right tackle

-What we think about the wide receiver situation

-Has John Fox handled everything the right way

-What position do we think the Bears are the weakest at

-Struggling to name 5 things to be positive about like we’re in some type of shitty marriage counseling grabbing straws to save it anyway we can

-Week 1 prediction

-Season record prediction

Bear Down.