Dude Dies Getting Attacked By Bees While Searching For His Golf Ball In The Woods




GAYLORD, MIAn Ohio man died Wednesday while golfing at Treetops Resort after he went into a wooded area to search for a ball and was stung at least 20 times by bees. Darryl Dever of Powell, Ohio, died on scene Sept. 9 after he had been struggling to breathe, Michigan State Police Sgt. Mark Tamlyn said. Dever and a friend, a doctor also from Ohio, were golfing together on the Treetops north course when Dever went into some woods near the second hole to search for a ball. The bees came up out of the ground, stinging him at least 20 times in the head and neck areas, Tamlyn said. Dever had no known allergies to bees, but the intensity of so many stings in a short time quickly caused a major medical issue. He reported feeling sick and then began experiencing trouble breathing.




I’m not here to poke fun at a man’s death so let me just make this a PSA: that’s what you get for taking golf too seriously, and that’s why I don’t do it. If you want to live a long life then don’t treat a Saturday on the course like you’re trying to get your tour card. That’s why I don’t even look for my balls in the woods. If it goes in, I’ll do a quick fly-by to see if the ball happened to stay on the fringe and then I’m dropping. Because this is what happens when you go on an Amazonian quest for your Pro v1, you get attacked by bees. I’m not trying to be a hero or “play the game the right way,” I’m just trying to get a good day buzz on. You want to be a hero and fight bees, alligators, and black swans to get your ball? That’s fine, but not in my grouping. Your death is really gonna harsh my buzz.



PS – Was the Tommy Boy clip distasteful? I feel like it was, but I can’t talk about a bee stinging death and not post that. My hands were tied.