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The Number Of Categories Bryce Harper Leads The Majors in at 22 Years Old Is Insane

We’ve known for weeks this team isn’t going to make the playoffs, and this Mets series where they blew leads in all 3 games was just extra dirt on top of the grave. But what cannot go unnoticed is how absurd Bryce Harper is ending the season. He’s getting on base nearly 50% of the times he’s at bat. His OBP is 131 points higher than his NL leading average. That’s nuts. Not only does he hit for power, but all he does is get on base. The craziest part to me is his 104 runs scored vs his 85 RBIs. Imagine if Denard Span was healthy for more than 9 games this season. Having a .300 hitter with speed leading off is much better than anything they’ve had up there this season. And if 25 HR hitter Ryan Zimmerman was in the lineup and healthy all season so pitchers couldn’t pitch around him. There’s no arguing Cespedes is the catalyst that has turned around the Mets. Playing out of his mind. But Bryce’s major league leading 9 WAR pretty much shows that if Harper is out of the lineup, this team is nowhere even close to contending. In no world can Arod win an MVP on a last place Rangers team but Bryce not win the MVP after this season he’s had. And all of this at just 22 years old. That’s what blows my mind the most. 22 years old. The average age of MLB rookies is 24.5. He’s doing this before most people are good enough to even sniff the majors.

I get people not liking him. He’s definitely one of those players you hate playing against. But my god, people who don’t understand what they are watching right now with him are out of their minds. Yea, he’ll probably go to the Yankees for 10 years, 500 million. I’m not naive enough to think that’s not a big possibility. But while he’s a National, you have to just sit back and appreciate what he’s done before he’s even come close to hitting his prime.