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My Continuing Adventures Of Chasing Down Sal Paolantonio For Answers



Not gonna lie.  I almost felt bad for Sal Pal here.   Just no defense.  No bodyguards to protect him.   He knew the Boogeyman was here and there was nothing he could do about it.   I mean what was I supposed to do vs. a guy who won’t fight back?   Just stand in his face all day and not have him answer any questions?  I knew he was a broken man and he knew he was a broken man.  Also I think there is a legit chance he is delusional.    Just totally out of the loop how much people around here hate ESPN.

PS – If Sal was quick on his feet he would have ragged on how bad my hair looked in the back.  Looked like god damn Big Ern.  I would have been totally thrown off and flustered.