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I Feel Like I Should Be More Excited Than I Am About This New Pokemon Game

Kotaku- Today, the Pokémon Company unveiled its latest Pocket Monster experience. It’s called Pokemon Go. “The day has finally come when Pokémon appear in the real world,” Pokémon designer Junichi Masuda said of the ambitious project. The game is being developed by Niantic, a former Google start up known for it’s augmented reality smartphone game Ingress. Niantic says it is working closely with the Pokémon Company and Nintendo to make a brand new style of Pokémon game. The idea is that players go outside, get some fresh air, and capture Pokemon at the same time. The Pokémon Company has been working on the game for the past few years alongside Nintendo. At today’s press conference, Pokémon Go’s debut trailer was dedicated to Satoru Iwata.



Yay?  I can’t even fake my excitement.  I want to but I can’t.  Pokemon was my childhood, man. My whole damn childhood.  Pokemon cards were life.  I had binders and binders full of Pokemon cards.  Your Charizards and your Blastoises and your Venusaurs on page 1 because they were the best and you wanted to show them off to your friends. After that it was the cards you were willing to trade and so on and so forth.  Few feelings matched the one that came along with buying a fresh new pack of Pokemon cards.  The possibilities were endless.  I once made my Dad drive me to a whole different city because I heard good cards were being shipped there.  That turned out to be false and my Dad was PISSED. He hated me all the way up until I became a Barstool blogger and now he loves me again. Then came along the Pokemon Red and Blue for GameBoy.  I begged and pleaded with my parents to buy it for me and, after mowing the lawn what felt like 500 times in a month, they finally did. I always picked Bulbasaur* at the beginning of the game cause I thought Blastoise was a fucking pimp. I played GameBoy until my fingers bled.


*Update: Squirtle. I have no excuse. That fuck up will haunt me for the rest of my days


Now they’re coming out with this new Pokemon Go game and I’m not even pumped.  At all.  Maybe cause I don’t totally understand how it works after watching the trailer.  If I can actually run around Cedar Rapids trying to capture Pikachus then count me the fuck in on this but I’m guessing that’s not what it’s really like. Or maybe there’s another reason I’m not pumped about this game.  Is this what being an adult is?  Not getting excited for video games about made up Japanese creatures?  Because if it is then this sucks and I wanna go back in time to when this shit actually mattered to me.



This still gave me goosebumps so maybe I’m not all that grown up after all





h/t bryan