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Study Shows 30% Of People Would Sell An Organ In Exchange For Their Student Loan Debt Being Paid Off

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Forbes - For a month this summer, personal finance site MyBankTracker asked 200 of its users – median age, 32; average student debt balance, $34,500 — a series of questions to assess just far they’d go to get rid of their student loans. The rules of the game: yes or no answers only, and assume the activity in question will pay off your entire outstanding debt load. Perhaps because we live in the age of the Kardashians or perhaps because it was the option presenting the least amount of bodily discomfort, 55% of respondents said they’d gladly exchange their debt for ever-present paparazzi. Forty-three percent of respondents said they’d purge half of their earthly possessions in return of a purging of all of their debt, and 38% said they’d partake in a questionable health study — that is, serve as a guinea pig for a drug that has not received FDA approval — if it meant getting out of the red. Thirty-two percent of respondents said they’d sign up for active duty, and a hefty 30% said they’d sell an organ if it meant getting rid of their debt. (Because who needs that spleen after all?)


I get it, not everyone can be as lucky as me. Can’t just log into Sallie Mae (they can call it Navient all they want, I know who they really are and who the true devil is) and pay off their student loans at the drop of a hat. If you gave me this option 3 years ago when I was making 35k a year and living in NYC where my rent was more than 1 of my bi-monthly paychecks, I would have sliced myself open and pulled out a kidney faster than you could finish your sentence. When you’re poor and watching your student loans cripple you each and every month, there’s nothing you want to do more than kill yourself/get rid of those loans in any way possible. But you can’t do either, so you start making the smallest payments possible, resulting in the loans practically doubling in size over a 20 year period because of the interest. So yea, for tons of people, selling an organ on the black market to make student loans POOF! disappear into mid-air is a hell of a deal.

The 43% of people who would purge half of the possessions are correct as well. On Monday I went back to my childhood room and gutted it. Threw away 20 years worth of shit. I accumulated so much shit over the years that I have 0 need for. It’s such a weird feeling because you have things you don’t want to throw away because you’ve had them your entire life, but you have 0 practical use for. Probably threw away 80% of things I’ve had my entire life. WWW. I guess this is growing up . com.


PS: I wonder how many organs Joran would sell? All of them? His entire family’s too.