Adam Schefter Predicts The Eagles Will Win The Super Bowl And Other Birds Mid-Week Fixings

Cute. Even cuter when Schefty predicted the Saints would win it all last season. Stay off our mojo, Adam. And here’s Fox Sports jinxing the fuck out of Sammy B And The Boyz, too.

Joe Banner, too!!! Go back under your bridge, Banner.

Great read on Brent Celek being as old school as it gets. As a wise man known as Cholly Manuel one said about Chase Utley, it’s not old school, it’s good school.

LeSean McCoy will not SHUT HIS FUCKING TRAP and throws shade on the reigning NFL Rushing Leader Demarco Murray.

Andrew Gardner gets a well deserved 3-year contract extension

Jason Kelce’s backup ball handler Dennis Kelly gets extended for a year, too.

A perfect respond from DeSean Jackson interview by GQ:

Do you feel like you guys will contend this year?

Long silence. “Uh… how ’bout I say, uh… Let me see what I can answer to that question….”


GJ Kinne and his knowledge of the Eagles playbook signs with Giants practice squad.

Eric Rowe has struggled but Chip still thinks he’s going to contribute right away.

Our boy Brandon Boykin has been beaten out as the nickel corner for Pittsburgh.

I honestly don’t (can’t, because it eats away at my soul). but Hollis Thomas thinks the Pats cheated against the Eagles in the 2004 SB.

That’s all she wrote. 5 days…