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OH FUCK!!!! Apple just done changed the game, SON! Here I was living my life, thinking I didn’t need another shitty pencil lying around my house that I never use and then BAM, APPLE PENCIL. What does it even do? Is it just an electronic pencil? A stylus that your dad used to use back in the day with his Palm Pilot? Who knows and who cares, because if Apple makes a pencil then people are buying pencils. Pencils up the ass, 2015, year of the Pencil, everyone get a Pencil!




In all seriousness what the fuck do they do in Apple meetings?



“Hey what product that has been around forever can we slap an Apple logo on and shove down the throat of America?”


“What about those things that tell time?”


“A watch? Nah, we already sold 10 billion of those”


“Well what about a Number 2 pencil”


“Genius, Ticonderoga is fucking SCREWED!”






Oh and I guess the Steve Jobs is still alive rumors can officially be put to rest.


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