The NFL Season Starts Tomorrow But We Already Have The Hardest Hit Of The Year Courtesy Of This South African Dude

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.37.53 AM




If that dude doesn’t have an NFL contract in his hands by the end of the day that’s a damn shame.  A wasted opportunity.  That tape needs to be making it’s way around all 32 front offices ASAP.  He has all the tools to be a professional football player.  Perfect form tackling.  Explosive.  Quick-thinking.  Helpful.  Loves to hit.  Most importantly he has great instincts. He just reacted there.  He had less than .5 seconds to decipher what was going on there and he still laid a monster hit on the guy.  You can’t teach great instincts  and that guy has them in spades.  He didn’t even have to think and those are the kind of guys you want on your squad. He could be a Mike line backer in the league right now.  No doubt about it.