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Derrick Rose Offers To Pay For Funeral Of 6 Month Old That Was Shot To Death On Monday


(Source) Derrick Rose hasn’t been able to help the Chicago Bulls out on the basketball court this season but he is still making a positive impact on Chicago. The defending MVP has reportedly offered to pay for the funeral of Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month-old baby who was tragically shot to death on the south side of the city on Monday. The Inquisitr reported earlier that an unidentified man walked up to a minivan on Monday and fired several shots in the window. Jonathan Watkins, who was the target of the shooting, was changing Jonylah Watkins’ diaper at the time. The little girl was shot five times. Watkins was also hit but he managed to survive the shooting.

 Police do not know who fired the shots but the Chicago Suntimes reports that Watkins is cooperating with the investigation. Rev. Corey Brooks, acting as a spokesman for Jonylah Watkins’ family, said: “He is giving them the information that they are asking for … He is answering every question.” Brooks also said that the family won’t have to worry about funeral costs as Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has offered to take care of the funeral costs. Police also said that they may be able to identify the shooter via a security camera in the area. Police believe that the shooting was gang related. Rose hasn’t commented on his offer but the Bulls star has said before that he is troubled by the violence in Chicago. The city saw over 500 gun related deaths in 2012 and that pace hasn’t slowed in 2013.


First of all, this was a terrible terrible story. Obviously Gun Violence in Chicago is out of control. And there are times when the problems seem insurmountable, like when a 6 month old is killed in a drive by. I’m actually going to step out of the Barstool Sports mode here and suggest everyone listen to the 2 part series of “This American Life” from a couple of weeks ago. Enlightening to say the least.

Anyway, this is why Derrick Rose is the man. No media fanfare. No interviews. Not trying to draw attention to himself. Just helping in any way he can under the radar. Its why Chicago loves him. He’s the perfect superstar. The guy who doesn’t want the limelight for being a decent human being. The guy who is sick when his team doesn’t win. The guy who doesn’t want to be friends with Lebron James and all the other guys he is competing against. All those things are what make Derrick Rose Derrick Rose, and why, even with all these knee issues and the recovery that has seemingly gone on forever, anyone who is a fan of the Bulls, Chicago, or Derrick Rose, will patiently wait. He has earned that to say the least.