Is Serena Williams The Best Most Jacked Athlete In Her Respective Sport?


I was watching Venus Vs. Serena last night and as is the case in every Serena Williams match I watch, I couldn’t get over how ridiculously jacked she is. Just an absolute animal and I’d have to imagine that drinking a shot of her piss would be the same thing as injecting steroids in your ass. I would kill to have arms like that. Boulders for shoulders. Her biceps are shredded and her forearms look like she jerks off at least 5 times a day.

????????serena-jacked2Serena Williams of USA wins her first round match at Arthur Ashe Stadium on day one of the US Open 2013 in New Yorkserena-jacked4

So now we have a question to ask ourselves. Is Serena Williams the best most jacked athlete in her respective sport? I get that no female could ever be the best athlete in the world period, that’s just science. I get that Serena Williams isn’t the most jacked athlete in the world period, there are at least 45 guys on every NFL roster that are more jacked than she is. But out of all the MVPs in every sport, out of all the best athletes in their respective sport, I think Serena Williams is the biggest.

Let’s see what her counterpart Novak Djokovic has to say about that…


Let’s see what NBA MVP Steph Curry has to say about that…

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors

Let’s see what NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers has to say about that…


Love that pic.

Mike Trout Clayton Kershaw portrait

I’d say Serena has Kershaw beat and is probably tied with Trout.  And I’d also say she’s more jacked than anyone in the NHL so we’ll just save hockey players the embarrassment for now.

So yeah, I’d kill for Serena Williams’ arms and I hate that I have to be jealous every time I watch her. Also, you think Venus Williams secretly hates Serena deep down inside? At least a little bit, right? She has to.