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Medusa The $50,000 Two Headed Snake Is Surprisingly More Awesome Than Gross

HuffPo – Todd Ray must have a lot of cash snaked away. Why else would he spend $50,000 on a snake, even one that is two-headed and albino? That’s how much the owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow said he paid for “Medusa,” a four-year-old double-headed Honduran Milk Snake born in Florida. “I’ve wanted her since the day it was born four years ago,” Ray told The Huffington Post. “I went back and forth with the owner and the price just kept getting higher.”  “This snake is perfect,” he said. “Some other two-headed snakes are beautiful, but they have a kink where the heads become one. Medusa doesn’t. It’s as if she was meant to have two heads. Ray said with most two-headed snakes, he feeds them one at a time with a playing card between their heads to keep them from biting each other. “I bring a mouse up to them and both opened their mouths,” he said. “Then the right head struck and yanked the mouse right out of my hand. “Then the left head grabbed the mouse’s butt end. I couldn’t believe how quickly they were eating. They were going to meet in the middle — and these types of snakes eat other snakes!” Ray had to grab a Butcher’s knife and cut the mouse in half before the right head swallowed the left.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.29.59 PM

Snakes in general are disgusting and gross. They just slither around feeling all weird to the touch and 90% of them are poisonous and I generally don’t trust animals that don’t have arms. I also find it hard to trust snake people, especially someone who would shell out 50 grand for one. They are up there with bird people, they aren’t as bad, but snake people still give me the heeby jeebies. However, I might have to admit I’m wrong because this snake is bad ass. Madusa is fucking awesome. The way it slithers with all that confidence knowing it has two heads and can beat the shit out of any snake that it comes across is something I respect. Just the cock of the walk out there. Can eat a mouse if it’s on the left, on the right, it doesn’t give a fuck. It’ll get it’s food and then the two heads will try and eat each other while fighting over the meat. Any animal that will eat it’s other head is a-ok in my book.


h/t @granthpaulsen