How About Colin Cowherd Completely Changing His Hair Before His Move To FS1 In A Hardcore Mid Life Crisis Move?

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Forgive me if this has been discussed, I was on an RV for what felt like an eternity and was basically shut off from the normal world. 




Absolutely outrageous move by Colin Cowherd to get hair plugs and a dye job and think it would go completely unnoticed in his switch from ESPN to FS1. Mid life crisis much, Colin? Get your new job out in LA, probably bought a convertible, a skateboard for Venice beach and a nice new paint job for his hair. He’s an awful tattoo and a pair of skinny jeans away from the mid life crisis cycle. Look guys, it’s cool guy Colin, just a hip 29 year old who moved out here from Connecticut, what’s the buzz? What’s the 411?






Watching Pres go through this in a couple years is going to be so awesome. One day he’ll be on the rundown with new hair and a diamond stud in one of his ears, pretending like nothing happened. I seriously go to sleep every night hoping tomorrow is the day.