Bryce Harper Isn't Wrong About Being Upset With Fans Leaving The Game Early, But The Fans Aren't Wrong About Not Sticking Around After The Nats Blew ANOTHER 3 Run Lead

So we’ve all seen Bryce’s comments about the fans from yesterday’s game by now. There’s obviously way more layers than just the fans up and leaving in the 7th inning. We can talk about variables that lead to a 7th inning exit by the fans- It was a 90 degree Labor Day Monday, BBQs, today is the first day of school…but the most important one is the Nats blew yet ANOTHER 3 run lead. The DC Sports Bog put it best:

Other things that could qualify as brutal: giving up a lead to the team you’re chasing in the division. Losing random fly balls in the sun to start games. Cutting off throws from left field that could have potentially nailed a runner at the plate. Taking bad routes to the ball and letting a guy recently off the injury list score from first.

All of that was bush league at best. I get Bryce’s frustration with the fans. He’s not wrong about being frustrated with the fans…but the fans aren’t wrong for saying “fuck this shit, I’m out”. I mean how many times do we have to watch the same movie? THIS TEAM SUCKSSSSSSS. The losing the fly ball followed by the wild pitch to start the game should have been all we needed to see. David Wright scored from 1st on a fly ball to right field that Bryce misplayed. And the HUGE thing the Bog forgot to mention was Matt Williams leaving in Scherzer to hit in a tie game with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Absurdly bad managing. And of course that cut off on the throw from left which looked like a little league team practicing how to do relays. This isn’t Spring Training. This is the race for the division.

Does Bryce have the right to be mad about fans leaving? Sure. Just like the fans have the right to be mad about the shitty product on the field. Not only does it happen to every team, it can happen even more in DC as it’s a smaller fan base, and in a city of transplants, it’s harder to build a fan base. The Nats are still a young team. Some people would rather go to a rooftop BBQ than watch Casey Janssen blow a game AGAIN. Name something Matt Williams loves more than watching Janssen blow games, you can’t.

I mean look at this bullshit.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.05.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.49.07 AM

PS: Bryce Harper cannot shake the Mets monkey off his back. Came into yesterday’s game on an unreal hot streak and then went 0-4. At 22 years old he has just 2 bugaboos- he takes bad lines on too many balls to the outfield, and he can’t hit the Mets. Once he figures out how to hit a team he sees 18 games a year, all bets are off.