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Alabama Fan Loses Her Eye, Gets A Custom Made Replacement Eye That Says BAMA On It

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ESPNMary Farr, according to WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama, lost her left eye in a 1970s plane crash. This year, she decided to turn that into yet another way to show her Crimson Tide pride.

That’s right. Farr has an artificial eye that is crimson and sports “BAMA” written in easily visible white.

“Why not?” she told the TV station. “I mean if you have to have any eye, a fake eye, you might as well have one that says ‘Bama’ on it. I’m wearing it for every game this year.”

We should expect no less from Ms. Farr; Bama is her middle name. No really. According to WBRC, her middle name is actually Bama.

I don’t know how many different ways I can keep saying it or if I even need to anymore. When it comes to college football fans, ‘Bama is up here (holding hand up above my head), everyone else is down here (holding hand down like by my thigh area). I mean that’s not even trying to be insulting towards anyone or trying to start a fight. That’s just facts only. That’s just taking into account all the evidence in front of me on a daily basis and making a judgement based on that. Example #3404954: Mary Bama Farr and her creepy ass Crimson Tide eye.

Seriously you want to try and argue? Ok, so you love your college football team. You consider yourself “die-hard” and travel to all the away games and decorate your entire bedroom with memorabilia. Well do me a favor. Take your finger and touch your eye. Now touch the other one. Are they both real? Does one of them have your team’s name inscribed across the pupil? Check your birth certificate. What’s your middle name? Is it your team name? Didn’t think so. Fuck outta here with your poser ass. Mary Bama Farr can’t see the haters, literally.

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PS –

Biggest shocker of the story was that Mary Bama Farr left the state and went far enough that she needed an airplane ride back.