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Chick Goes Berserk On Take Out Cooks Because Her Children "Don't Eat Green Things," Smashes Into Door After Tantrum

I couldnt decide over the weekend whether this was real or fake. On the one hand, the way shes ranting sounds like a Leslie Mann performance. Yellow about the kids not eating green things, the way she runs into the door. It all just seems a little fishy to me.

But then I think about America in 2015. And how every parent now is a pussy with their kids and a mother really wouldnt make her children eat green things. And I think about how customers at food joints just love to cause controversy. Whether its over a racist receipt or poor service or some illegals speaking foreign languages, thats been the hot craze for years now. And then you think about Donald Trump and his crusade against Mexicans and you realize all the pieces of the puzzle kind of fit. Annoying mom, check! Pussy kids, check! Berating restaurant workers, check! Openly being allowed to hate Mexicans, check! Welcome to 2015. This is the world we live in,

Real or fake who ya got?

1 Real 10 Fake

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PS – What kind of fucking parents makes their kids eat goddam kebabs? With fuckin peppers and onions all up in there? Fuck out of here. Theres a reason we ate London Broil and Mac and Cheese every night in my house. Because we were like 9 years old and kids that age dont eat weird shit. Whether its green or other colors.