Juan Uribe Celebrated Today's W With A Acapella Performance Of "Beat It" In The Clubhouse

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The man with a dick roughly the size of a vacuum cleaner hose going Pitch Perfect on us and giving an aca-Hog Show after the biggest win of the year. You cant even script a more appropriate song choice, performer or situation. I’m not saying Juan Uribe doing a puppet show with his dick in the clubhouse is why the Mets are gonna win the NL East, but I think this kind of stuff matters. Winning in baseball comes down to executing pitches, discipline at the plate and perfection in the field. But beyond that, once you do those things at a high enough level to play winning baseball, guys like Juan Uribe and the levity they bring to the clubhouse matters. The Uribes and the Colons are those type of X Factor guys that keeps things loose and confident. Breeds an atmosphere of relaxed winning. Keeps rookies loose and veterans happy. Now of course there’s a time and a place for everything and Juan Uribe wrapping his dick around his wrist after a loss is the shit you dont want. But after a total team effort resulting in the biggest win of the year, Coke Can performing Beat It is the stuff that brings guys together down the final home stretch.

Hog Shows on the Holiday Road right through to October. Lets Go Mets