Peter King Goes On WEEI And Gets His Head Handed To Him By Kirk Minihane

Listen Peter King had this coming. He deserved every thing he got here. Kirk Minihane absolutely disemboweled him and rightfully so. But this is what that fool Chris Mortensen doesn’t get. Sometimes you just have to be a man and take your medicine. I mean this was almost sad. Like watching Larry Holmes basically murder Muhammad Ali in the ring. Peter King fucked up. He knows he fucked up. He’s not even defending himself anymore. He has repeatedly stood in front of the firing squad and let people just open fire on him. He’s waving the white flag. He paid the iron price. Now I’m not even mad at him anymore.

The fact Mort doesn’t have the balls to go on the radio here is making his crimes 1,000% worse. The fact he won’t admit he is wrong is making me legit want to murder him. Peter King fucked up almost as bad as he did but love him or hate him he’s not hiding from it. The more Mort and ESPN acts like they had nothing to do with Deflategate the worse they look. It’s like Nazi’s blaming it all on Hitler. Yeah but you willingly helped spread Fuhrer Goodell’s propaganda. Goodell couldn’t have done it without you Mort. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. It’s time to admit your sins.