MUST LISTEN: Tom Brady's Dad Just Stood On The Wall And Flexed All Over America

Sometimes you wonder how guys like Tom Brady are so successful. How does one man become an NFL legend, marry the most successful super model on earth, produce the perfect family, and have stunning good looks? Where does a man like that come from?

He comes from a man like Tom Brady Senior.

Mr. Brady just stood atop the Wall, flexed his muscles, and took a shit all over Chip Franklin. To be honest that hack doesn’t even deserve the attention after saying that he would rather have Tim fucking Tebow over the greatest quarterback that has ever lived, but Mr. Brady dominated, emasculated, eviscerated and buried him. Had Chip Franklin running scared, desperate to get to commercial break. Another victory for the Brady family. Another victory for America.


On Tim Tebow over Tom Brady: “You’re being silly. Thats a stupid question.”

On whether Brady told the ball boys to do it: “You have no evidence of that. If you read the articles and discussions that have gone on for 6 months, you would know you’re full of crap”

On destroying the phone: “He went from an Android to an iPhone 6! Have you ever done that? I know I have!”

On the ESPN/NFL Propaganda: “The only person that has testified UNDER OATH is Tom Brady. We know Goodell has lied. He lied in the Ray Rice case. He lied in this case, he lied in the Peterson case. How many more times do you need to know this guy is a flaming liar?”

“Who’s believing the NFL! Its a freaking kangaroo court! If you’re gonna be on the radio, know the facts!”