It's Being Reported That The Redskins Are Keeping RG3 On The Roster As The Backup, I'm Sure That Won't Be a Distraction At All

Godddd this decision sucks. They have to, have to, have to move on. On most teams it would be great to have a backup like RG3. Someone who has started 30+ games in this league with success along the way. But we aren’t most teams. We’re the Redskins. Only bad things happen here. For example if he gets hurt, they owe him 16 million dollars next season, guaranteed. With all the drama that has surrounded RG3 and the Skins during the preseason, why not just cut your loses and move on? Why keep such a highly paid backup? Is it a Snyder decision or a Gruden decision? There are many, many questions here. So for now it looks like RG3 is safely on the roster and I can leave my house today without fear of having to blog…hahaha just kidding, I’ve seen this movie before, reports are going to start coming out around 2pm that they are in fact cutting him. I hope not, but would not be shocked.