Gisele Showed Up At Gillette To Give Tom A Special "Your Suspension Got Overturned!" Present

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(TMZ)What better way to celebrate kicking the NFL’s ass … than by celebrating with your smokin’ hot supermodel wife?!? after Tom Brady’s 4-game Deflategate suspension was thrown out by a judge, Gisele threw on some insane Daisy Dukes and hit up Gillette Stadium to visit the conquering hero. Seems Gisele came with gifts … because she was carrying a shopping bag from Givenchy Paris … one of the most expensive couture stores in the world.




Kind of a weird move by a woman in the midst of a divorce. She just threw on some sexy shorts, rushed over to Gillette (only stopping to grab a present that probably cost like $100,000) and rocked Tom’s world in the back room at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center? God there marriage must be such a disaster. She must be livid that Tom didn’t wear his wedding ring on Monday night even though he often doesn’t wear his wedding ring. Or, maybe that whole thing was tabloid bullshit and they’re actually perfect and she ran to her man the moment he was free in order to get her back turned out on a massage table because they’re madly in love.



Just another day in the life of TB12 though. Defeat evil and get the supermodel. Tom’s real life is better than any dream you’ve ever had.