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Here's A Live Look-In At Everybody Leaving Work Today When It's The Start Of A Long Weekend




By. Any. Means. Necessary.  Get the fuck outta there as fast as you can.  If your car is boxed in by a couple of assholes who don’t know how to park?  Spring into action, lift that car up yourself and, again, get the fuck outta there.  Just because it’s the start of a long weekend and you have Monday off doesn’t mean you can waste precious time.  It’ll be gone before you know it.  The awesome feeling on a Friday when it’s a long weekend means it’s gonna suck that much more when Monday night rolls around and you have to go back to whatever hell hole you call work on Tuesday.  The time is now.  Enjoy it. Drink as much as you can.  Hang out with friends.  Don’t get arrested. I love that guy by the way.  That’s trouble shooting.  A normal person might wait around so A) he doesn’t have to lift the car up and B) he can curse out the morons who don’t know how to park.  This guy?  He’s got places to be and people to see.  That’s a man of action.