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Gruden Went In On RG3, RG3 Then Responded With Messages on Facebook and Twitter, And Grass is Green And Water is Wet


Oh boy. Coach going in on the QB. Publicly. Brutal shit. But that’s what we’ve grown to expect.

Thing is, I think Gruden is playing mind games. I think it’s obvious he doesn’t want RG3 as his QB. He wants his own people. But the problem here is Snyder is the owner and Snyder and Griffin are buddies. It’s going to be a fucking gong show when it comes time to give Griffin an extension or not. Obviously Gruden doesn’t want his wagon hitched to RG3, but Snyder still believes in him. I personally think Griffin can be a winning NFL QB (let us not forget he is still extremely young and inexperienced), but I don’t think it will be in DC. He will be more like Drew Brees- started off awful in San Diego, found a home in New Orleans. Obviously not saying he is the next Brees, but I see his career arc being similar. Anyway, RG3 then of course jumped onto social media and responded to nobody directly, but it’s obviously directed towards DeSean, Gruden, and at the media.



Yes, stuff gets misconstrued and taken out of context and all that. But the best thing for RG3 to do is talk less. He thinks everyone is out to get him. That’s not true at all. Win fucking football games. It’s really that easy. Win games. Don’t talk about it, be about it. And throw your phone in a river. Light it on fire and throw it into a river infested with Sharknados. Just stop tweeting. It’s so stupid. This circus is old. I’m tired of the circus. Be adults. Stop posting memes on Instagram and quotes on Twitter. Goodness fucking gracious.