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Bull Piledrives Matador Then Continues To Stomp Out The Dude's Trying To Carry Off The Lifeless Matador




That spearing by the bull literally right outta the gate was an all-timer.  He wasted zero time pile driving the matador into a coma-like state we like to call death.  Hey bud, maybe don’t sit on your knees when you’re about to face a raging bull.  Just a thought.  Not gonna be able to manner much when you’re sitting like that and chances are you’ll die and he did.  The rule is for these videos, and always has been, that you root for the bull.  You have to.  God only knows what shitty thing they did to that poor animal to make it so goddamn angry.  Every time I watch a bull video the hope is that everyone in the arena is turned to a bloody corpse by the need.  It almost happened there. The bull came back for seconds and starting taking out the rodeo clowns or whatever they’re called. That was the best part actually. It’s those guys’ job to make sure they carry the matador off if he’s almost dead. But as soon as the bull came back they dropped him like a bad habit and scattered.  Survival of the fittest.