Lucky Us! Netflix Has Renewed "Narcos" For Season Two



(Source)Netflix’s original scripted programming hot streak continues. The streaming service has renewed Pablo Escobar drama Narcos for a second season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The drama stars Wagner Moura as Escobar and tells the story of the Medellin Cartel, once the world’s most ambitious and violent trafficking organization. Adam Fierro (The Shield) will take over as showrunner for Chris Brancato (Hannibal), who oversaw the freshman series and departed to board ABC’s now-midseason biblical drama Of Kings and Prophets. With production in Colombia wrapped on season one, Brancato will continue to be credited as a co-creator on Narcos. The series had been ramping up its writers room back in April in anticipation of an expected second-season renewal.




As far as no brainers go, this was an easy one for Netflix. I watched all of Narcos (10 episodes, about 40-45 minutes each. Some 50+) in a little over two days last week. Awesome, awesome show. To be honest I didn’t like it quite as much as I liked Bloodline, but it was on the same level. But, I count House of Cards on that level and Narcos finished about that for me. From episode one it’s a smash hit. The moment you meet Pablo Escobar trafficking all kinds of shit and he delivers a monologue to Colombian soldiers offering them plata o plomo (silver or lead), you’re in. Drugs, violence, great writing, great acting, GREAT Colombian chicks and their tits… it can’t go wrong, and it didn’t. If you haven’t started Narcos yet, do it now.



One thing of note, though: a lot of it is in Spanish. A real lot. Like, most of it. So be prepared to read subtitles. Some people have told me on Twitter that it bothers them, but I actually liked it. First of all, I’m fluent en español ahora. Second of all, it makes you pay attention. Can’t play with your phone or on the computer or anything, you need to watch every scene. Sometimes I need that to keep me focused.




PS – I didn’t realize Pablo never did blow and pretty much never drank. I kinda pictured him as a George Jung guy, but he wasn’t at all. Much more of a Walter White. Didn’t use, just in it for the power, money and murder. Didn’t give a fuck about anything else.



PPS – The guy who plays Pablo Escobar is very, very excellent. Does both the family man and the murderous maniac perfectly. But, can’t help thinking Vinny Chase would’ve crushed it too.