Sign Up Now DraftKings NFL Double Up - 1 Million In Guaranteed Prizes

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DraftKings double up time. If you always get pissed because you can’t finish top 10 or top 100 in a DraftKings contest this is the game for you. Half the field wins money, other half loses. Just finish in the top half and you’re all good, this is built for the completely average person.




Contest Details:
-NFL Massive Double Up
-$1 Million in guaranteed prizes
-For those of you who complain that the big DraftKings contests are like playing the lottery, this is the contest of you. $25 to enter, the top half of the field doubles their money, the bottom half loses. So if you finish in the top 20,000 fantasy teams, you double your money. If you’re better than half the competition, this is the contest for you.