Peter King Was At The Harpoon Brewery Getting Peppered By Patriot Fans About Deflategate and Mike Kensil

I got to be honest. This video kind of made me like Peter King. In fact this whole Deflategate thing has actually made me like him. I’ve always thought he was the NFLs stoogie, but he’s handled this thing like a man. He basically admitted he was lied to by the NFL with both the Ray Rice situation and Deflategate and that he now has to be more careful with trusting his NFL sources. Here is what he said exactly regarding Deflategate.

“Clearly, this story, along with the Ray Rice story from last fall, has made me question sources and sourcing in general, and in a story as inflammatory as this one, you can’t just take the story of a person whose word you trust as gospel,” King explained.

This of course is something that Chris Mortensen has yet to do.   In fact Mort did the exact opposite.  He actually doubled down on his original story saying he stands by it even though it’s been proven wrong and he deleted his original PSI tweet. Also Mortensen would NEVER stand in front of a live audience in Boston and take questions and get yelled at like this. Instead he continues to hide under his bed and hope the bad men go away, refusing to even mention the fact that Brady won his appeal. So even though I know for a fact Kensil was the leak at least Peter King is willing to let people basically throw tomatoes at him as he says it may not be him. That I sort of respect.