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Kirk Cousins Is Ready For Primetime If This Michigan Bank Ad Is Any Indication

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before- superstar Redskins quarterback in a big time ad campaign. Except this time it’s Redskins starting quarterback Kirk Cousins, not backup and soon-to-be-cut Robert Griffin III. And Kirk is a natural. He slays in that commercial. Would not shock me one bit if he signs on with Quiznos tomorrow. Would be such a boss move by him and the Q to cuckhold Subway and RG3 like that.

PS: Have to believe Cousins is some sort of folk hero in Michigan. I imagine when he goes back it’s like a parade when kids would return from Vietnam. A parade down Main Street and a party in the town square. Takes his girlfriend to lover’s lane and has her home by 11. That’s how I imagine Kirk’s life in Michigan.


h/t the Bog