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Russell Wilson's High School Basketball Mix Tape Is So Sad And Awesome




Pretty safe to say when your mixtape begins with a highlight from the layup line basketball may not be your thing. Like our boy Satman with his missed jumpers.

Only we know Russ is good at other sports. He was a really good baseball player and a Super Bowl winning quarterback yet his mixtape includes this SICK highlight of him passing the ball back the second he touches it.







Just so sad and so bizarre. Peeling away the onion and Russell Wilson might be the weirdest person alive.





Remember that whole “controversy” where players in the Seattle locker room didn’t think Russell was black enough? Well I don’t ever think that was real but if it was, having a mixtape where 1 of your 3 highlights is you taking a charge probably won’t help your case. Shocked Coach K didn’t give him a look.