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The Teenager Behind Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts Speaks



I gotta be honest, that’s not what I was expecting at all.  I expected a pimple-faced kid to appear on my computer screen and for him to start making fart jokes as soon as the cameras were rolling.  Just being totally immature.  Maybe randomly yell “DEEEEEEEEEEEEZ NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” at the top of his lungs a few times and make a mockery of the whole thing.  He was a little too serious about it.  I mean come on dude.  You made a presidential candidate called Deez Nuts and lit the internet on fire because it’s a hilarious idea.  I need him to talk a lot less about immigration reform and a lot more about how he’s gonna drag his candidacy across the faces of the American people.  Shit like that. Then, maybe after a few dick and balls jokes, he can start to tell us how he’s gonna fix the country in 20 years when he can run for president.  But you gotta dance with the one who brought ya and that’s Deez Nuts jokes.  By the way I liked how the guy narrating continued referring to the kid as Deez Nuts throughout the whole piece. Your name is Brady?  Nah we’re sticking with Deez Nuts.


PS- I am pulling for this kid to become president one day for no other reason than that’s one hell of a story.  “That’s the Deez Nuts kid from the 2016 election!”