How Much Longer Does Lindsay Pelas Have To Beg JJ Watt To Slide Into Her DM's Before He Finally Does Something About It?

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Listen, it’s one thing to get on JJ Watt for being a try hard Captain America golden boy. It bothers me but at the end of the day I don’t lose sleep over it. But this, this shit is driving me INSANE. Lindsay Pelas is begging you, man. She is literally begging you. Last week she asked you to slide into her DM’s. Then this week she’s taking snapchats with your picture and sending classic girl tweets.



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WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN!?!! Seriously, what the fuck are you doing. Get your shit together, JJ. Put down your protein drink, stop working out for a few minutes and hit Lindsey up, otherwise I’ll have to step up to the plate and have sex with Lindsey Pelas myself. Don’t make me do it man, don’t fucking test me.



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h/t Eeeeemoney87