John Daly Sings "Knockin On Heavens Door" At A Bar Just A Few Days After Coming Back From The Dead



How about our boy John Daly spitting in the face of death and singing “Knockin On Heavens Door” just days after being dead for a full three minutes?  Incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  You couldn’t script his life any more perfectly.  And you wonder why a billionaire like Jerry Jones would say he likes the way Daly does life.  It’s because of shit like this.  JD dies on the golf course, gets rushed to hospital, they bring him back to life, he’s back out on the course in less than 24 hours and then days later he hops on stage and belts out some Bob Dylan.  A rock star stuck in a golfer’s body.  That’s John Daly.  Oh and what collapsed lung?  JD singing at the top of his lungs in that video.  Sounds like a goddamn angel up there. Nothing slows him down.  Not even death.


And do you think JD is worried about his health after this latest incident?  Nope because he only smokes two packs a day, not three.


Via FTW:

They put me on a bunch of IVs and I ended up being in the hospital. I kind of looked at the doctor kind of deranged and I go, ‘What happened?’ He goes, ‘Well, you’ve got a collapsed lung and you told the paramedics that you had rib problems, and your vital signs were really good when you came back to life.’ They thought I had a heart attack. But I only smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, not three, so I’ll be alright.”




PS- How is Davis Love III still the Ryder Cup captain?  How much more does John have to do?